Derose Bros Meats

This is by far that best hidden gem I’ve came across in Edmonton. Just off 99st, is @derosebrosmeats 🔥
They have so many options for sandwiches and so many home made products to buy. All super local or home made. Since their a butcher shop, their meat is super good quality and freshly cut. It’s all run by an unbelievably nice Italian family, who are just passionate about authentic Italian food. Super comforting, filling and affordable food 👌🏼

The sandwich I got for the first time was the Fettine and ohhhhh myyyyy godddd it was killer, ever since then I was hooked onto Derose. I could eat sixteen more of the Fettine and still not get tired of it. Unreal. Also a favourite of mine is their Philly cheese steak and cheese burger, both super affordable and absolutely incredible. They have rotating specials everyday, my favourite is “steak and lobster Friday”. $15 can get you some fresh, full of flavour lobster and the best cooked steak, all between some bread. It’s a monster sandwich so be ready to share it or eat it all and food coma like I did.

I’m gonna be here a lot considering it’s so close to my work 😂

Seoul Fried Chicken (SFC)

Most definitely can never go wrong with @seoulfriedchicken for lunch 👌🏼 So affordable, so delicious.

Garlic Soy Set

Their 5PC Lunch Set is actually so unbeatable. It’s super filling, super flavourful and SUPER YUM. After trying the entire menu, my favourites are GP Cheese and Garlic Soy 😍🍗 The kale caesar salad is really good (set comes with two sides) and I wasn’t disappointed, but I still think I like the slaw or Mac and cheese pesto better 🤘🏼 And of course fries always.

GP Cheese Set

5pc Lunch Combo — garlic soy, fries, kale salad | $11.40

Farrow Sandwiches

All hail the sandwich masters over at Farrow Sandwiches.
(Located in Ritchie and Garneau area on 109st)

One thing I’ll never say no to is perfectly crafted sandwiches by Farrow. I’ve never once had a bad experience here and it’s always suggested the most every time we’re discussing our work lunch destination. Bread is always the perfect match to its ingredients inside, each component compliments one another. It’s absolutely fantastic! This is totally an upgrade from the sandwiches you’re used to.

Not to mention they make unique flavoured (and regular) donuts + brownies. I’ve never had a bad donut at Farrow. They’re just killing it over there.

Constantly rotating their “feature” sandwich and their infamous fully vegan option, theres always something great and new to eat at Farrow.

Getting into Truffle | $13.25
Bad Queso the Mondays (Vegan) | $12.50
Trick’d specials | $ varies
Lil Kimchi | $12