Colombian Coffee Cafe

Coffee and pastries! A timeless duo that will never lose its connection. My favourite place lately is @thecolombianyeg ! Ever since they opened, I’ve found myself here pretty often.

One of the best cafes to study and drink yummy coffee with pretty latte art 🤗 Not to mention I’m now obsessed with their bagels.

Not only is the food and coffee great but the service is unreal too. Everyone is so incredibly friendly and I’ve never felt so welcomed anywhere else like I do here. I can’t tell you enough how great the people working here are. Just always happy and always socializing. This is currently my absolute favourite cafe in edmonton.

Tokiwa Ramen

Black garlic, goma goma, black garlic

Tokiwa has stolen my heart and isn’t letting me have it back… but i’m really not complaining! This ramen joint tucked into the brewery district, downtown, is my go-to favourite place to eat. I could eat here everyday (and I just about do).

My order is the Goma Goma($14) with extra noodles($3.50). The perfect bowl of creamy, porky goodness. They make the ramen completely from scratch. All house made, even the condiments on the table are made by them too!

I can never get enough of Tokiwa. After trying just about ever well known ramen spot in Edmonton, I crown Tokiwa #1.

Farrow Sandwiches

All hail the sandwich masters over at Farrow Sandwiches.
(Located in Ritchie and Garneau area on 109st)

One thing I’ll never say no to is perfectly crafted sandwiches by Farrow. I’ve never once had a bad experience here and it’s always suggested the most every time we’re discussing our work lunch destination. Bread is always the perfect match to its ingredients inside, each component compliments one another. It’s absolutely fantastic! This is totally an upgrade from the sandwiches you’re used to.

Not to mention they make unique flavoured (and regular) donuts + brownies. I’ve never had a bad donut at Farrow. They’re just killing it over there.

Constantly rotating their “feature” sandwich and their infamous fully vegan option, theres always something great and new to eat at Farrow.

Getting into Truffle | $13.25
Bad Queso the Mondays (Vegan) | $12.50
Trick’d specials | $ varies
Lil Kimchi | $12